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Kids hangout program

Covid-19 has undoubtedly worn out all of us. If you’re a parent, especially a working one, you’ve definitely felt its stressful impact on your personal as well as work life. Having to juggle between keeping your kids and boss happy is quite the struggle and is understandably draining. However, we’ve come in to lend a helping hand!

LetUsRead has come up with a perfect way for your kids to escape the monotony of lockdowns and quarantines through a program called ‘PlayDates‘. PlayDates are essentially hangouts for your kids to mingle with other children at our library. They’ll be provided with food and fun -movies, video games, board games, books and more! Children between the ages of 9 and 15 are welcome to PlayDates. Parents can leave their children with us while they having some quality time for themselves. Each play-date is limited to 5-10 kids and will last from 7am to 7pm.

Whether it is for yourself or for your kids, everyone deserves a day off, and we here at LetUsRead promise to make PlayDates as enjoyable as possible for kids. It’s the LetUsRead assurance!

We are planning to conduct this program regularly with ticket sales starting 10 days early and closing 3 days before the activity day.

So, keep checking for the PlayDates dates under the tab ‘Engagements’ in the link given below and register for the day of your choosing.

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Looking for a personality development class? Or maybe a culinary course?

Look no further. At LetUsRead, from time to time, we may conduct various activities for both adults and children. All the upcoming activities will be listed here. From here, you can access our booking application LetUsBook to book seats for those activities.

Book sharing program
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Share your books and enrich lives!

Do you have books that you have bought over the years gathering dust on your book shelves? If you really don’t need those books anymore, then why not consider sharing those books with us and let our other members also read them?

At LetUsRead we gladly accept any book that our members may not need any more. The books that you give will be entered into our system and for each circulation you will receive a cut of its reading fee. Sounds good? Give us a call today to learn more.

Many of our members have already shared their books with us and are making enough money to read other books from us without paying anything from their pockets.

To date, 101 members have shared 2542 books with us!


You get 30% of the reading fee from each circulation of your books!

Reading promotion program
Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders!

Are your children reading anything nowadays that is outside their curriculum? If not, then they are at a serious disadvantage.

The sad truth is that children just do not read as much as they used to anymore, the major reason being that households are nowadays dominated by TVs, computers, phones and what more. Kids are not being exposed to the wonderful benefits that the world of reading has to offer - eloquent speech, expanded vocabulary, ameliorated reading comprehension etc.

We are here to help!

Through our reading promotion program, we hand-pick books for your children based on their age and gender while keeping their personal preferences in mind and deliver them to your doorstep regularly. It is completely hassle-free and comes with no additional charges. When books are available at a hand’s reach children are more likely to become regular readers.

If you haven’t enrolled already, give us a call today and invest in your children’s future. Thus join the hundreds of other families who are enjoying the fruits of our reading promotion program, by doing so you are helping us in our mission to make reading the norm again, one child at a time!

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