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In order to save our time, keep our running-cost low and offer you affordable memberships, we have devised a delivery process as follows. This has been working efficiently ever since we started our library.

We have divided the city of Trivandrum into different delivery areas and we regularly visit each of these areas approximately once in two months. We request members to take the approximate number of books that they may require during this time frame and we will deliver those. When we visit next time with a new set of books, members return only the books that were read while keeping the others.

Important note:

If you are a new member, we will make every effort to deliver your books as soon as possible without waiting for our delivery schedule. Thereafter, you will come under our delivery schedule for your area.

First SMS

When we start planning deliveries to your area, you will receive our first SMS. When you get this message, you may check out any specific book that you may need within the next 2-3 days. If you have opted for the regular delivery of books for your children, you do not have to check out books yourself unless you require any specific book. We will check out books from your wish-list or select books appropriate for the age and gender of your children.

Important note:

Please do not check out books before getting this SMS unless you are planning to come to the library to pick them up. If you do not pick the books that you have checked out from the library within the next 5 days, we may deliver them to you before our scheduled delivery resulting in a possible delivery charge.

Second SMS

When we are ready for delivery, we will send out our second SMS two days before the delivery. When you receive this SMS, please take all the books you have read and keep them ready for return in a carry bag, preferably in the LetUsRead carry bag that we have provided.

Third SMS
  • Then on the day of delivery, at around 7:30 AM you will receive our third SMS.
  • You must keep the return-ready books in the carry bag that we have provided at the time of delivery.
  • If you are staying in an apartment, you must leave the books with the security before 10 AM.
  • If you are staying in a house, you can leave the books just outside the front door. Please do not make us wait for the books.
  • We will collect your books and deliver the new set anytime between 10 AM and 6 PM.

Important note:

You do not have to mark books as ready to return unless you want to check out new books yourself. If you mark ALL the books as ready to return, we will assume that you are ready for the next set of books and we may deliver the new set of books before our next scheduled delivery incurring a delivery charge to you.

Regular delivery of books

If you are registered in our regular delivery of books for children, please read the following.

You must let us know how many children’s books you may need for around 40-50 days.

If you have specific books in mind that you want your children to read, keep adding them to your wish-list.

If you need specific books during a particular delivery, you should check them out from your wish-list once you receive our first SMS.

If you do not check out enough books, we will randomly check out books from your wish-list.

If you have requested us to recommend books for your children, we will add a few books in addition to what you have checked out if the total number of books does not exceed the limit you have set.

We do not select adult books from your wish-list unless you instruct us to do so. You must check them out after getting our first SMS.