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Dear Readers,

LetUsRead was started in 2013 with an objective of promoting reading, particularly in children.

It is a well-known fact that the children of today spend a lot of their free time in front of TVs, computers and gadgets, totally ignoring the good old free-time companion that is reading. Neither do their parents tell them about the many benefits of reading that the former does not offer. Unfortunately, most schools also do not stress upon the importance of reading nearly enough. While most have cable and internet connections at their homes, regardless of their financial situation, not many have a library membership for their children. Many parents underestimate the benefits of reading by treating it as a passive activity with no methods to measure its effectiveness in contrast to exams and other activities where a child’s progress is measured through tests and performance.

The results of profuse reading may not be apparent all at once. However, its benefits will start manifesting themselves in the long run in the form of fluency and clarity in speaking, better written and oral language structure, enhanced diction, dramatic improvements in their writing and over all improved comprehension to help them understand the essence of any text that they read. And what more is that they become excellent communicators, a quality that is essential in today’s world.

For kids, reading should not be an activity reserved just for vacation as many parents believe. Neither should it be considered a hobby. Rather, it should be developed to be a habit. Unless they read regularly, they will miss out on the hundreds of wonderful books that are appropriate for each stage of their life. So, to promote regular reading in children, LetUsRead delivers them with a wide range of books at their doorsteps on a regular basis. In just a matter of a few months, we have seen many young reluctant readers becoming good readers through this program. Your children too can become great readers. When books are always available to children there is no doubt that they will develop reading habits with the support and insistence of parents.

I guarantee that you, like hundreds of our members now, will appreciate the time and money-saving features of LetUsRead once you start using it.

Introduce your children to the wonderful world of books starting today, because reading is too great a skill to let go un-nurtured!

Anand. V. Nair