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reading schemes
Wisdom Gardens, T.C.30/71(2) ,Vivekanandapuram, Peroorkada , Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India 695005
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We offer the following two reading plans that are designed by
keeping both our members and us in mind.
Pay-on-time plan

You pay 12% of the price of the book as its reading fee. You can keep the book for 14 days. After 14 days, if another member requests the book, we will give another 10 days to return the book to the library. If the book is not returned within this time period, 2% of the price of the book will be charged as its late fee per day until the book is returned. You can renew the book and in which case you pay 12% reading fee again and get another 14 days.

Recommended for occusional readers
Ideal for members staying close to the library
No monthly commitment
Dose not come with free delivery
There is a possibility of late fees
Pay-in-Advance plan

You pay 200 rupees every month as an advance reading fee and may use it anytime to pay for the reading fee of the book that you borrow. The 200 rupees is charged every month only if you have a checked out book in your name. There are no late fees up to a period of 180 days. You pay the reading fee only once regardless of how long you keep the book. Any un-used reading fee is carried forward from month to month. If you use more than what you have paid, you will have to pay the additional amount immediately.

Recommended if you are a slow but regular reader.
No late fees for a period of 180 days.
Get free delivery once a month.
Advance money paid is not refundable as cash.

How many books can I take at a time?

The number of books that you can keep with you at a time depends on the security deposit you pay. The total price of all the books should be within the security deposit paid by you.

That being said, loyal members (who pay their dues on time and maintains good relationships with us), are entitled to take more books beyond what is allowed to be taken according to the deposit amount paid.

Important note:

Our delivery service is not a promised service. We can only deliver books according to our convenience and the availability of the staff. If you need books sooner, you must come to the library to pick them up. Please call us beforehand to confirm that the library is open if you are planning to visit. Returning a book on time is a member responsibility and we should not be held responsible for any late fees that can incur on the books borrowed because of us not collecting them on time

Always check our opening timings at the top of the screen before you visit our library

Please refer our delivery process here.